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7 June 2022 PhD Symposium (D1.14) IVOIRE workshop (D1.15)
8 June 2022 Main conference (C1.03)
9 June 2022 Main conference (C1.03)
10 June 2022 (until lunch) Main conference (C1.03)

Detailed programs

Information for attendees

iFM (main conference and co-located events) will take place in the East Campus (https://goo.gl/maps/mJ963D8z6wQxVG7Y9) of USI Università della Svizzera italiana.


The campus’s building (black in the picture) is built around a central courtyard (white rectangle in the picture).

Checking-in (registration) will be available on the ground floor of sector D every day from 8:30 until about 10:00. Contact the organizers to get your registration material after the registration desk closes.

The main conference will use classroom C1.03 on the 1st floor of sector C.

The PhD symposium and IVOIRE workshop will use classrooms D1.14 and D1.15 on the 1st floor of sector C.

Lunches and coffee breaks

Lunches will take place in the campus’s cafeteria at 13:00. The cafeteria is located on the ground floor of sector C (north side). Your registration material includes one voucher for every lunch. Pick up food at the cafeteria, and give the voucher to the cashier. There will be tables reserved for iFM in the same area.

Coffee breaks will be served on the ground floor at the entrance of sector D. There will be extra tables outdoors in the courtyard as well.

Internet access

If you have eduroam credentials you can log in to the Wi-Fi network with SSID eduroam.

If you do not have eduroam, connect to network with SSID USI-Guest. A login page will pop up, where you can select “register for guest access”. You’ll have to enter a phone number that can receive text messages (SMS), and select “Lugano” as Location in the pull-down menu. After clicking “Register”, you will receive a text message with a randomly generated login username and password. Use them to log in to USI-Guest.

After some time (e.g. > 24 hours), the session may expire. If that happens, try to open a browser and login with the same credentials again, which should still work for a few days. If this fails, register again.


If you are a speaker attending the conference in Lugano, you will plug in your laptop to the room’s A/V system (HDMI or USB-C connectors) and then present as usual. We will broadcast your talk both in the classroom and on Zoom for online attendees. A PhD student will be around to help you set up your laptop.

If you are a speaker attending the conference online, you will present on Zoom as usual. We will broadcast your talk also in the classroom in Lugano for in-person attendees.

Covid rules

There currently are no mandates or requirements related to COVID-19 in Switzerland. In particular, there is no requirement to wear a mask anywhere (indoor or outdoor). The rooms we’ll use to host the conference should be sufficiently large to allow distancing among participants, and the ventilation system should provide a reasonably good exchange of air. Regardless, conference participants and speakers are still welcome to wear a mask according to their preference.

Online attendance

If you are registered to attend iFM online, you will receive a Zoom link to join the various sessions.